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Quiet SST in Development- Travel Future

  Spike Aerospace's S 512                                                                        Source:  Spike Aerospace Getting to Places in Half the Time The Concorde supersonic jet was decommissioned 18 years ago.  Now there is a new entry in the SST travel space.  The Spike S 512 is the ultimate in flying.  Travelling at supersonic speeds without sonic booms, the jet is quiet and can cut travel times in half.  Now under development by Spike Aerospace headquartered in Boston, the jet will fly at Mach 1.6 and will travel 720 km/h faster than any other civilian aircraft.  An example: this SST will enable passengers to fly from New York City to London in just three hours.   Luxurious Flying The Spike S 512 is a luxury business SST jet.  It can carry 18 passengers.   The cabin is pure luxury and advanced tech.  There is high speed wireless internet, panoramic views as you fly to your destination, plush seating, full telephone services, high definition display screens, reduced cabin