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Firefly Species Facing Extinction Globally

Number of Environmental Factors Encroaching on their Habitats New Global Research One of nature's most beautiful and mysterious creatures - fireflies - are under threat globally.  This is another vestige of the perils of the global environment which is warming and being altered by Climate Change.  There are a number of causes to this existential threat including habitat loss and pesticides.  But a surprising new cause has been added by scientists to the mix.  The global expansion of light pollution from electric lights is causing major disruption to fireflies' nocturnal flights.  The world's light pollution is adding to the environmental stress already harming the global firefly population. Vanishing Natural Beauty A global assessment involving 350 top firefly experts has just been released.  Their conclusion is that some of the 2,000 species of fireflies now face extinction.  They found that fireflies are rapidly vanishing from many places where th

Important Innovations Collection: Synchronous Fireflies Rare & Mysterious

One of Nature's Most Beautiful, Unsolved Mysteries Source:  Great Smoky Mountains National Natural Wonder Light Shows They are called Synchronous fireflies.  Thousands of them blink their lights in unison for ten seconds, go dark for a minute and then light up the forest again.  These fireflies are extremely rare and are found in only a few places around the world, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee where they put on a magnificent light show from mid May to mid June every year. The Synchronous fireflies are a natural mystery that still baffle scientists.  For a great news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Synchronous Fireflies Rare & Mysterious : A Light Show That Baffles Scientists Source:  Great Smoky Mountains National Inspiration from Nature It's one of the m...

Innovation from Fireflies

Synchronizing Lights by Fireflies - Quite a Light Show Source:  Smoky Mountains, TN Fireflies Synchronize Lights  Eco-Tourists Flocking to 2 Appalachian Forests being Lite-Up by Rare Fireflies This is nature at its most impressive and beautiful.  Swarms of rare fireflies that illuminate at the same moment and stay bright for ten seconds lighting up a remote forest area..  They go dark for a minute and then light up the forest again.  This is such a magnificent phenomena of natural synchronization, it is attracting crowds of tourists who care about the environment.   They are flocking to two remote forests in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Summer Light Shows Fireflies that light up and are in sync are extremely rare.  Globally, they are found in the US Allegheny and Smokey Mountains in PA, and TN, also in remote parts of South Carolina and Arizona and in Southeast Asia.  As so much innovation comes from nature, you have to wonder what this magnificen