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World's First Floating City

Innovation Island for You The world's first floating city project is underway.  Non-profit think tank Seasteading Institute and the government of French Polynesia are spearheading the project.  They've signed an MOU and a deliberative launch process is now happening.  The floating city will be sited in waters off Tahiti.  It will be autonomous, with its own government and cryptocurrency, the Vargon. The host nation is French Polynesia. It will include residences, hotels, restaurants, offices, medical research facilities, aquaculture farms and a green powerplant. They're designing the island to foster innovation. Estimated project cost:  $167 million with construction expected to start in 2019. Island Adventure in Paradise: Environmentally Correct and No Politicians This is PayPal founder Peter Thiel's island adventure that started a dozen years ago and is now becoming a reality.  Thiel co-created Seasteading Institute and provided seed money for it. There&#