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Flying Bikes

BMW's Hover Bike Source:  BMW's Concept Flying Bike Vehicle BMW's Flying Bike It started as a toy.  A Lego, 603 piece kit to build a miniature motorcycle - the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Bike. The kit was developed by teams from Lego and BMW.  BMW engineers were so intrigued by the results, they built the real deal - a flying motorcycle prototype that was showcased in 2017. Fast-Forward BMW engineers have been tweaking the prototype for months.  It's now morphing into a new model concept.  What we know about the concept vehicle is this.  It incorporates BMW Motorrad design with typical components such as a boxer engine and GS silhouette.  But engineers have modified the front rim to form a propeller.  It appears BMW is working toward commercialization of the flying bike.  There's no word on price or timing. C rowded Skies There's competition for air space.  Besides flying cars and drones, there are a number of prototype flying motorcycles.  The