Flying Bikes

BMW's Hover Bike
Source:  BMW's Concept Flying Bike Vehicle

BMW's Flying Bike
It started as a toy.  A Lego, 603 piece kit to build a miniature motorcycle - the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Bike. The kit was developed by teams from Lego and BMW.  BMW engineers were so intrigued by the results, they built the real deal - a flying motorcycle prototype that was showcased in 2017.

BMW engineers have been tweaking the prototype for months.  It's now morphing into a new model concept.  What we know about the concept vehicle is this.  It incorporates BMW Motorrad design with typical components such as a boxer engine and GS silhouette.  But engineers have modified the front rim to form a propeller.  It appears BMW is working toward commercialization of the flying bike.  There's no word on price or timing.

Crowded Skies
There's competition for air space.  Besides flying cars and drones, there are a number of prototype flying motorcycles.  The Russians have developed one.  It's the Russian Hovercraft Scorpion-3 that flies with 4 propellers.  They describe it as a single seat aircraft or a drone carrying a rider on a motorcycle seat.  Also, a California company Aerofex is testing the Aero X Hoverbike.  It's an extraordinary looking hovering bike that, according to trade reports, takes off at $85,000.  It flies 10 feet above the ground and travels up to 45 mph. And, it's not just for fun rides.  The company claims it has multiple uses including pipeline inspections, cattle herding and search and rescue.  It appears flying motorcycles, like flying cars, are accelerating toward our future.


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