Augmented Reality Gets Real

Your Living Room Thru Augmented Reality

AR Forecast Beyond Games
Thanks to Pokémon Go and "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery", AR+ games are already a multi-billion dollar industry. But according to a forecast for 2025 from The Engineer, there's much more AR to come.  In 2025, Augmented Reality and digital eyewear will be in their heyday.  A new generation of digital displays and user interfaces will be in play and screens as we've known them will be phased out. Here's a summer of 2018 glimpse into the future of Augmented Reality, AR eyewear and a few breakthrough applications.

Lumus - Another Example of Israeli Digital Vision
Israeli-based Lumus is a global leader in augmented reality technology. They seem to be setting the pace. They've developed see-through, wearable displays on small frames, with wide fields of view and bright, transparent images.  The industry push is to make the digital eyewear as light and compact as possible. Also to make the images bright, transparent, colorful, distortion free. allowing the outside world to shine through.
AR Wearable Display

AR Tech Bar
At the moment, Lumus seems to be setting a technological bar to beat.  Their light, compact glasses read full color images and project across 55 degrees and more.  There are quite a few big players in the field including Microsoft.  Competitors' fields of view average 30 degrees and less.  The thickness of the Lumus "wearable display" glass lens is 2 mm as compared to industry averages of 4 mm. The Holy Grail is bright, vivid, lifelike digital images with no distortions and for use at any time, indoors and outdoors. That's what all players are working on.  Also, besides light, compact glasses, contact lenses and other wearable devices are in-play for AR as the "display" of choice.

Augmented Uses
Many experts are fast to admit that we really don't know the full potential of this emerging technology.  But there are some very impressive applications of note.  An AR helmet has been developed for firemen to see through smoke.  Testing has shown it has gotten them out of building fires five times faster.  Also an AR surgical navigation system has been developed for spinal surgery and that has proven successful.  Yet another use is for AR job training.  It's a fascinating AR future that's unfolding right before our eyes.


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