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New Flying Car Needs Driver's License Only

  Doroni Aerospace's H1 eVTOL                                             Source: Doroni Aerospace Parks In the Garage Miami, Florida based Doroni Aerospace has developed an electric flying car that can be piloted with just a driver's license.  The electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) is so intuitive and smart, that it is semi-autonomous and can pilot itself.  Called the H1 eVTOL, it is also small enough to fit into a garage.  The company says the vehicle is easier to fly than a conventional small plane or helicopter.  It requires only 20 hours of flight training.  The H1 aircraft isn't a flying machine on the distant horizon.  It can be pre-ordered right now. Democratizing the Skies The company says their new vehicle, which takes off and lands vertically and is totally electric powered, will democratize flying because it is so easy to operate.  It's a semi-robotic, semi-autonomous aircraft that can seat two people, carry a 500-pound load and has wheels