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FAA Commercial Human Space Flight Reality

Space Tourist Gets Astronaut Wings Source:  Virgin Galactic:  Test Passenger Onboard this space flight gets astronaut wings  FAA Gives Virgin Galactic A Space Passenger Okay The FAA called this occasion as "the start of commercial human space flight is now a reality". Virgin Galactic's first test passenger for a journey to space received her commercial astronaut wings from the FAA, the US government's aviation regulatory agency.  That is a very big deal in the journey Virgin Galactic has taken to launch vacation tourists into space.  The woman flew in Virgin Galactic's rocket plane White Knight Two/Spaceship Two Passenger Craft to experience the space journey from a customer perspective. It was a big success. NASA Engineer The passenger is no novice.  Beth Moses is Virgin Galactic's chief astronaut instructor and a former NASA engineer.  She's also now the first woman to fly to space on a commercial vehicle. What an accomplishment!  She was on t