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Honda's H2 Plug In CR-V

  Honda's Unique Hydrogen Fuel Cell Version of CR-V                                                  Source:  Honda Something New & Unique on the Car Market Honda has developed an industry-leading, plug-in, hydrogen vehicle that is a unique concept. They've created a hydrogen version of their very popular CR-V compact SUV that also offers the capacity to plug-in to recharge electricity into the battery.  The new CR-V hydrogen-plug-in version will be built in the US, specifically in Ohio, starting in 2024.  And it will greatly resemble the current CR-V crossover. It has the potential of being a game-changer among vehicles pushing the future of greener, zero emissions driving.  The only emissions this CR-V will have is water vapor. And it combines hydrogen fuel cell technology with battery electric technology.  It is a tour de force in green driving. Hydrogen vehicles take the same time to fill-up as a gas-powered car. They have very long range. And H2 vehicles' emissions

Rolls-Royce's Green E-Plane Flight

  The Spirit of Innovation Successfully Flies                                                   Source: Rolls-Royce Jet Zero Emissions Flying Rolls-Royce has successfully flight tested an all-electric plane that recently completed its 15 minute maiden voyage.  The aircraft is called "The Spirit of Innovation" and it is a key piece of technology in Rolls-Royce's journey to "jet zero" otherwise known as zero emissions flying.  Global jet travel is one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the primary cause of Climate Change.  The World Wildlife Federation claims that flying is the most polluting form of human activity.  It is becoming increasingly clear that electric aircraft are a critical weapon in global efforts to save the environment from the ravages of Climate Change. More Intensive Testing For Spirit of Innovation UK based Rolls-Royce is very pleased with the electric plane's performance and is putting it through very intensive f