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Harley-Davidson Goes Electric

New LiveWire Electric Bikes to Debut in 2019 Source:  Harley-Davidson - LiveWire LiveWire Harley-Davidson is unleashing a slew of new products, with advanced technology, over the next 3 years to pull in a new generation of riders and $1 billion in additional revenues by 2022.  The most notable new entry is their electric motorcycle LiveWire. LiveWires for Young, Urban Commuters Who Prefer Electric Vehicles Harley is targeting young, urban commuters who care about the environment and like electric vehicles that save them money.  LiveWire is a no-clutch, "twist and go" electric powered bike. It's coming to market in 2019. Biking and Transportation Go Electric Electric vehicles are reshaping the transportation industry globally from cars to planes.  Electric motorcycles are cheaper to operate than gas-powered ones.  They're quieter and some don't have gears.  There are smaller electric motorcycle brands now on the market, including Zero Motorcycles.  Th