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Redefining Virtual Reality Displays

Unique VR Headset Source:  GOOVIS Young Personal Mobile Cinema The GOOVIS Young VR headset has the feel of a gamechanger in the world of Virtual Reality.  First of all, it's not a head mounted computer like other VR systems on the market.  It's a face mounted display that is compatible with just about any device.  It's the creation of Shenzhen NED Optics of China.  The company says this display will make movie theatres obsolete.  They're calling GOOVIS Young the "personal mobile cinema". Big Screen, Big Functionality The 1080 p display projects images on the equivalent of an 800 inch screen.  It works with laptops, cell phones, tablets and more.  And the functionality is incredible. You can browse the internet, work, watch moves, game and even "fly with your drone".  GOOVIS Young is priced at about $1,000.  Shenzen NED Optics calls itself an innovation company focused on VR, AR and MD headsets.  To take a look at business jou

Apple to Lauch Advanced AR Devices

Augmented Reality Headset and Glasses Source:  Apple 2022 and 2023 Apple is looking to release an AR headset by 2022 and a sleek set of AR glasses by 2023. CEO Tim Cook believes AR technology will be potentially as important as the iPhone.  Apple executives briefed their employees on the plans in the past few days. New 3D Sensor Operating System Reports indicate that Apple intends to use a 3D sensor system to support the AR headset and glasses.  These systems would have the capability to create 3D reconstructions of objects, rooms and people.  New, top of the line iPhones and a new iPad Pro could be available with the 3D sensor operating system in 2020. New Mixed Reality Systems There are also indications that Apple engineers in the iPhone and iPad groups are working on a mixed reality headset and glasses operating system called rOS.  No details from Apple on that intriguing technology.  For a free Kindle borrow of one of the books I co-authored "How t

Important Innovations Collection: Microsoft's AR HoloLens 2 Headset Just Released

First Look at Microsoft's New AR Headset Display - HoloLens2 Source:  Microsoft's HoloLens2 Just Unveiled in Barcelona Microsoft says its new Augmented Reality headset display HoloLens2 has greater immersion, comfort and usefulness.  They say the immersion is greatly enhanced, making holograms more vibrant and realistic.  There's also a new time in flight depth sensor, combined with built-in AI and semantic understanding, that lets you manipulate holograms like real objects.  For a great news blog on this, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane at Important Innovations Collection: Microsoft's AR HoloLens 2 Headset Just Released : Augmented Reality, Intelligent Edge Device for Holograms Source:  Microsoft HoloLens 2 Greater Immersion, Comfort, Time-to-Value Micr...