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UK Vehicle Flies Lighter Than Air - New Travel

  British Airways' Sister Company's $600 Million Deal for Airlanders                                                                                   Source: Hybrid Air Vehicles The Airlander:  New Mode of Regional Travel in Europe By 2026, passengers could be flying back and forth between the UK and Spain on next-G, helium powered airships, called the Airlander  10. The Airlander is a long-endurance, multi-intelligence vehicle (LEMV) and the world's biggest lighter-than-air vehicle.  It can travel at speeds of 148 km or 92 mph.  For passenger service, the maximum speed will be 80 mph and the average travel distance will be 185 to 250 miles.  As unique aviation technology and multifunctional in operations, it can be configured for passengers or cargo.  And, its business operations just took off.  A $600 million deal has been struck by British Airways' sister company Air Nostrum, based in Spain, to buy 10 Airlanders from British company Hybrid Air Vehicles.  Hybrid Air