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UK Recycled Robots' Robotazia Restaurant

  Multiple New, Money-Making Roles For Robots Source:  Robotazia Art, Fun and Waitstaff In Milton Keynes, UK, there is a uniquely innovative Sci-fi, robot themed restaurant Robotazia .  40 robots, all made from recycled material, are in residence and at work.  The robots serve as talking waiters and waitresses.  There is even a robot in charge of hand sanitizers.  Many of the robots are unique works of art created by artisans using recycled car parts, vacuums and makeup containers. Some examples include Mike Dyson, totally made from recycled Dyson vacuums. Sparky the robot, made of recycled metal parts, who serves as the customer Meeter and Greeter.   Audibot, which is made from recycled Audi parts and children's toy cars and much more. Sci Fi Robotics Robotazia is an innovative showcase of the versatility, usefulness, fun, entertainment and money-making value of robots.  It is designed to thrill adults and children about the potentialities and fascinating uses of emerging robots. 


US & European Regional Travel on the Rise Source: Cape Cod Summer Tourist Destination Marriott CEO's Global Hotel Perspective The pandemic was particularly inhospitable to the global hospitality industry.  As Covid-19 cases soared, air travel ground to a halt, lockdowns forced people to shelter at home and bookings at global hotel chains plummeted.  At Marriott, room occupancy rates dropped to 5% in some US hotel properties and to 7% in Marriott hotels in China.  The rates have rebounded in China to 40% and in the US to 20%.  CEO Arne Sorenson says he's starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel for global hotels:  a pickup in personal and business travel. Profound Economic Impact Sorenson says the impact of the pandemic on Marriott's global business is worse than 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis combined. He doesn't expect global occupancy to return to the average of 71% for a few years.  But there are positive signs.  US downloads of

New Robot with Hospitality Aspirations

Taking Reservations, Giving Information Source:  Misty Robotics Your Robotic Hotel Experience Misty 11 has great aspirations to be a key part of the hospitality industry.  The cute, little rolling robot is the invention of Misty Robotics, based in Boulder, Colorado and was just unveiled at CES 2020.  Misty can detect humans, greet them, interact, provide information and responses.  She can make reservations, call for assistance and even be part of point of sales systems.  The little robot gives new meaning to the hospitality industry.  Her inventors have designed her to go to work in a hotel near you very soon. Open Source Code What's ingenious about Misty is she is not limited to one task.  This is part of an important, new emerging trend to design robots that are not limited to one use.  They have capabilities that can be used in many ways.  In the case of Misty, from room mapping to greeting customers and taking reservations.  The open source code allow

Autonomous Mobile Hotel Rooms

Driverless Rooms to Your Destinations Source:  Aprilli Design Studios Important Innovations in Transportation Here's an entrepreneurial gamble on future travel innovation.  Hotel rooms on autonomous wheels.  Driverless, self-driving vehicles that pick you up at your house or travel takeoff point and take you in your  fully equipped hotel room suite, to your destination.  It's called Autonomous Travel Suites (ATS).  It's the innovation of Aprilli Design Studio's Steve Lee of Toronto.  Lee calls it a hybrid concept combining his expertise in hotel architecture/design and futuristic technology.  The concept won this year's Radical Innovation Concept of the year, a design competition for the hospitality industry. Mobile Hotel Suites The mobile hotel suites are designed for journeys of 6 to 10 hours.  They contain essentially what you find in a hotel room.  They come in a range of sizes for solo travelers to families.  Lee envisions them being operated by &qu