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Epic New Hybrid E-Plane "ATEA"

  New French, Hybrid VTOL "ATEA"                              Source:  Ascendance Flight Technologies Ascendance Flight Technologies' New Green Aviation French aviation startup Ascendance Flight Technologies has invented a new, hybrid, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (VTOL) for intracity and regional aircraft commuting.  The 5-seat ATEA uses two forward facing propellers and 8 fan engines in its wings.  The eight electric powered fan engines enable vertical takeoffs and landings.  The diesel fuel powered forward facing propellers enable forward flight.  The unique VTOL has a range of 250 miles.  Its hybrid powertrain uses jet fuel and electricity as power sources.  The company says the combination cuts carbon emissions by 80%.  Importantly, AETA can be reconfigured to use green fuels, including hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels and sustainable aviation fuels to further cut down on emissions. Tech Specs The hybrid electric and jet fuel systems work independently of each o