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Mercedes-AMG Vision of EVs

  Vision of the Future of Electric Driving                                             Source:  Mercedes-AMG AMG's First Standalone EV  The Vision AMG concept, created by Mercedes' high performance division AMG, is a fantastic look at the future of electric driving.  The battery electric sports car/sedan has cutting-edge, futuristic styling, aerodynamic good looks, a streamlined body with a low, long wheelbase, big wheels, low hood and a smooth, side curving contour that elegantly tapers into the back. Some automotive experts think that it resembles a spaceship. This is AMG's first EV that they solely designed. It's a fabulous 4-door EV that goes into production in 2025. Unique & Powerful New Electric Motor Mercedes-AMG says that the heart of the Vision AMG is its unique and powerful electric motor.  It's called the Axial Flux Electric Motor and was developed in-house by the Mercedes division YASA.  It is said to be more compact, lightweight and powerful than ot