Mercedes-AMG Vision of EVs

 Vision of the Future of Electric Driving

                                    Source:  Mercedes-AMG

AMG's First Standalone EV 

The Vision AMG concept, created by Mercedes' high performance division AMG, is a fantastic look at the future of electric driving.  The battery electric sports car/sedan has cutting-edge, futuristic styling, aerodynamic good looks, a streamlined body with a low, long wheelbase, big wheels, low hood and a smooth, side curving contour that elegantly tapers into the back. Some automotive experts think that it resembles a spaceship. This is AMG's first EV that they solely designed. It's a fabulous 4-door EV that goes into production in 2025.

Unique & Powerful New Electric Motor

Mercedes-AMG says that the heart of the Vision AMG is its unique and powerful electric motor.  It's called the Axial Flux Electric Motor and was developed in-house by the Mercedes division YASA.  It is said to be more compact, lightweight and powerful than other current electric motor. The Vision AMG will be built on the upcoming AMG.EA platform which is the electric powertrain that will be the base for all AMG-exclusive electric vehicles. AMG says every drivetrain component has been built from scratch for this EV.  AMG is not providing any performance details on the Vision AMG as of yet. But they do say that the vehicle will bring "performance electric mobility" to a whole new level.

Dramatic Styling Features

The vehicle will be a direct competitor for the Porsche Taycan.  One unusual touch is that the side and rear windows are painted Alubeam silver, which is the same color as the EV.  There's a hexagonal pattern on the glass that allows the passengers to see out and also provides them with privacy.  The exterior of the EV is a dramatic lightshow.  The front grill is illuminated with lights around the periphery along with vertical lightbars.  A central lightbar runs down the nose and can show animations.  The headlights are shaped like three-pointed stars.  And there's another lightshow on the back of the car with 6 circular taillights that look like tailpipes. Dramatic lighting systems appear to be a big feature in future Mercedes-AMG EVs. All in all, the Vision AMG is a stunning and dramatic new beauty of an EV, which will be MB-AMG's showcase for the future of electric driving.  For more news like this, go to Future Modes of Travel: 2020's & 2030's


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