Ferrari Designed by Customer & Design Team

 Special Projects Program:  Make Your Own Ferrari

                                            Source:  Ferrari

SP48 Unica

Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari has a Special Projects Program that enables top customers to create their own one-of-a-kind Ferrari car in conjunction with Ferrari's design team.  It's a unique opportunity to make your own Ferrari.  The custom built SP48 Unica (images) was designed by an anonymous owner who worked with Ferrari's Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni, who is a trained architect.  It is being called by some automotive experts the world's most beautiful car.  From design and performance perspectives, it is truly a work of art.

Tech Specs

The red supercar has a twin turbocharged V8 engine and pumps out a hefty 710 hp and 568 ft-lbs of torque.  The car is based on the Ferrari Tributo but there are very significant distinctions.  The car has a slick, very angular architecture and is somewhat shaped like an arrow, which gives it tremendous aerodynamic balance.  In fact, the design cuts overall drag on the car by more than 12%. The large front windshield blends into the roof of the car, purposefully giving the appearance that the car is one piece of metal. The side windows are narrow and vectored and surprisingly there is no back window on the vehicle.  


This do-it-yourself Ferrari has a front grill designed to have a 3-dimensional effect.  The grill's hexagonal pattern is repeated on the car's roof and luxurious interior, which unifies the design and adds an elegant touch.  No word on what the vehicle cost to create.  But it is a collector's one-of-a-kind Ferrari, totally customized to the tastes of the owner.


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