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World's Widest Plane Flies For 3+ Hours

  Roc Aces Second Test Flight                                                                                            Source:  Stratolaunch Huge Aircraft Designed to Carry Hypersonic Vehicles for the Pentagon Stratolaunch, the aerospace company founded by the late co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, has successfully test flown its huge airplane, Roc, for the second time.  The double fuselage carrier plane is the world's largest aircraft by wingspan.  The wingspan is 385 feet, which is more than double that of a 747 aircraft. Test Flight Roc is powered by six engines.  In the test flight, it reached a peak altitude of 2.6 miles over the Mojave Desert.  The flight lasted 3 hours, 14 minutes and was flawless.  The test demonstrated how the plane handles cabin pressurization and new hardware upgrades. Hypersonic Future Roc is designed to carry Stratolaunch's fully autonomous and reusable hypersonic vehicle, the Talon A.  The Talon A is designed to be a hypersonic test vehicle fo