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NASA's 1st Electric Plane

Flying into a Cleaner, Greener Environment Source:  NASA X-57 Maxwell NASA, the US space agency, has unveiled its first, all electric plane.  The experimental aircraft is called the X-57 Maxwell.  NASA calls it a work in progress.  It's an early version of its first green plane designed to lead the way for the aviation industry into a new era of electric aircraft and cleaner skies.  Tests in the air are expected to begin early next year. X Planes with 14 Electric Motors The X-57 Maxwell is the first crewed X planes in two decades.  The early model of the airplane along with a simulator to allow pilots to experience what it's like to control the Maxwell in flight are at a NASA facility in California.  The model replaces a traditional combustion engine with 14 electric motors powered by lithium batteries.  The engines are designed to be quieter, more efficient and much better for the environment. Leading the Way Toward Electric Flying NASA is now focusing on more

Indonesia to Produce Electric Vehicles

Targets 2022 to Start EV Production  Source:  Toyota Electric Concept Car Big Automakers Investing Indonesia plans to start producing electric vehicles by 2022.  Companies like Toyota and Hyundai are expressing interest in building EV plants.  In fact, Toyota has committed to investing $2 billion over the next five years.  Part of the money will be used for electric vehicle production. Rich Resources for EVs Indonesia has the opportunity to exploit the country's rich supply of nickel laterite ore, that's used to make lithium batteries.  The country is offering tax holidays for companies funding electric vehicles. Indonesia is already Southeast Asia's 2nd largest car production center.  The government is aiming to have electric vehicles at 20% of their national car production by 2025.