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Volvo's Extraordinary Autonomous Concept Car

  Autonomous Luxury Car Concept                                                             Source:  Volvo Concept Car by Roman Zenin Driving Into the Future The autonomous concept car is called the Volvo Think Inside the Box.  It's a very edgy concept car designed for Volvo by UK creative designer Roman Zenin while doing his thesis at a University in Germany.  The vehicle's interior is the big differentiator.  The designer has created a luxurious lounge zone that can be used for office work, resting or leisure time and entertainment with the family while travelling.  It is a fascinating example of driving into the future in an autonomous lounge car. A Living Room On Wheels This vehicle is like a living room on wheels.   The two-seat version comes with big, plush sofa-like seating.  There is a huge entertainment display where the windshield is that allows the travelers to enjoy their favorite entertainment as they are driven to their destination.   A lever provides easy access