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Canada Is Developing Hyperloop Network

  New Ultra-High-Speed  Travel Hybrid                                                       Source:  TransPod Hits Speeds of 662 mph Toronto, Canadian startup TransPod has developed a hybrid train-plane vehicle that can hit speeds of 662 mph.  It's the fully electric powered FluxJet that can travel at speeds six-times that of a train and faster than a jet. The transportation system is based on a new field of physics called "veillance flux".  It is very similar to Elon Musk's original concept of vacuum tube based hyperloop travel, which time-starved Musk told other people to try and develop. Apparently, TransPos did and they're getting the system ready for takeoff in Canada with hopes to carry passengers there in 2035.  Technology Deployed The FluxJet travels in an elevated protected tube guideway using groundbreaking technology base on "veillance flux". Vacuum tubes carry magnetically levitated pods travelling at very high speeds up to 662 mph.  The syst

Hyperloop Latest - Revolutionary Travel Tech

Virgin Hyperloop One Proof of Concept and Tested Virgin Hyperloop One is among a number of businesses developing hyperloop systems.  The hyperloop is a revolutionary technology that will dramatically cut travel times between cities. Virgin Hyperloop One has a lot of money behind it - $295 million from Sir Richard Branson's Virgin, GE Ventures and SNCF. The company has already built a proof of concept vehicle.  It's been successfully tested.  The "pod" levitated, accelerated, glides, breaked and came to a stop. The company continues to move the technology forward. Levitation and Gliding Virgin Hyperloop One uses magnetic levitation to lift the train or pod above the tracks.  Electric propulsion accelerates it through a low pressure tube.  The vehicle is capable of gliding at airline speeds.  The promise of this technology is to go 700 to 800 mph. Elon Musk Elon Musk originally introduced the concept of hyperloops.  Virgin Hyperloop One says it has made s