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New Metal for Next-G Soft Robots

Breakthrough New Material from National University of Singapore Next Generation of Soft, Conductive Robots An innovative, new metallic material that bends, folds and stretches has just been unveiled by inventors at the National University of Singapore.  Experts say this material is so innovative it could lead to a next generation of soft conductive robots. Singapore Innovation The team at NUS developed a new process called "graphene oxide-enabled templating synthesis".  They take paper, soak it in graphene oxide, dip it in metallic ions and burn it twice.  The result is a thin metal layer that can stretch, bend and fold.  It can withstand high temperatures, remain electrically conductive and function as an antenna for wireless devices. De-icing Robots The inventors say the new metal's properties could allow robots made with a backbone of the material to operate in hazardous conditions and de-ice themselves if necessary.  For a free listen to my audi

China's Display Screen on Your Skin

Important Wearable Device Breakthrough Source:  Wrist Watch Bionic from Nanjing University Safe, Low Power Display Screens on Your Skin This is fascinating new innovation from Chinese researchers at Nanjing University.  They've invented a new way to put displays like a wrist watch bionic or real time medical readouts on your skin.  The extremely thin device is said to be safe, flexible and requires very little power to operate.  It's a new wearable similar to a temporary tattoo but it displays electronic data like time. Tech that Could Revolutionize Wearables This new technology could revolutionize wearable devices for many users.  For runners, it could mean a bionic watch taped on your hand to watch your times as you run.  For health care tracking, it could mean real-time displays on your skin of medical data from already flexible medical devices. What Makes This New The Chinese researchers have overcome the need for high voltage to operate skin wearables, which

Transparent Wood Cheaper, more E-friendly than Glass

Inexpensive Alternative to Glass Windows and Solar Panels Source:  American Chemical Society KTH Transparent Wood New Innovation from Sweden's KTH This is important innovation in materials science.  Researchers at Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed a transparent, synthetic wood that can store and release heat.  The material is transparent.  It's an inexpensive alternative to glass used in windows and solar panels. Their innovation was just presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in Orlando, FL. Building on KTH Research This is an important iteration on a research theme and results achieved by KTH.  They previously created a transparent wood by cutting the lignin from the cell walls of balsa wood and combined that with plexiglass. New Transparent Wood They've now added the phase change polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) to the wood fiber and plexiglass mixture.  The result:  material that absorbs heat and stores energy that

Important Innovations Collection: Gamechanging Self Healing Material

Self-Repairing Material that Could Be a Gamechanger in Manufacturing Source:  University of Southern California Important, Brand New Material that Self-Repairs Engineers at the University of Southern California have invented a 3D printed material that self-repairs.  Experts believe it could revolutionize manufacturing, particularly tire and electronics manufacturing.  For a great news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: Gamechanging Self Healing Material : New Material is 3D Printed Source:  University of Southern  California Could Revolutionize Tire and Electronics Manufacturing It&#39...

New System that Cleans and Splits Water

Solar Driven Photocatalytic System Source:  EPFL New Material, Metal Organic Framework Class Drives It Swiss scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) have created a system that can destroy pollutants in water while simultaneously splitting out the hydrogen for later use.  This is a solar driven system that is considered an important scientific breakthrough. Solar Driven It's a photocatalytic system based on a material in the metal organic framework class (MOF's).  These MOF's are some of the most versatile and useful materials recently discovered.  This particular substance that cleans and splits water is activated by light. Big Applications The hydrogen produced in the process can be used for hydrogen fuel cells now used in many technologies including green hydrogen trains and space shuttles.  The process is also highly effective in removing pollutants from water.