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Next-G USAF Jet Fighter Beating the Odds & Budgets

  The B-21 Raider                                                              Source: Northrup Grumman Secret Stealth Bomber The B-21 Raider is the US Air Force's next generation, strategic bomber.  It will replace the B1 and B2 bombers.  Information on the secretive stealth bomber has been largely kept under wraps by the US Air Force and by Northrup Grumman, the US based defense contractor that is building it.  Now comes word from the Chairman of the US House Armed Services Committee, US Congressman Adam Smith (D-Washington) that the B-21 Raider "is on-time, on budget and they're making it work in intelligent ways". The vehicle is being called a modern military procurement miracle. Two Decades of Problematic Military Procurement Processes Congressman Smith, in a speech this week before the American Enterprise Institute, said that the Pentagon is now starting to reverse two decades of aircraft, ship and ground program delays and escalating costs with the more budget