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Morphing Robots

New Morphing Material Source:  Rice University Taking Complex Shapes Scientists at Rice University have created shape changing, morphing material.  The face in the photo takes shape when cooled and goes flat when heat is applied to it. The unique material they've innovated is a rubbery polymer. Nanoscale Tug of War At the nanoscale level there's a battle for control between liquid crystals and the elastomer in which they're embedded.  When cooled, the shape programmed into the crystal dominates.  When heated, the crystals relax and the material goes flat.  This innovation was just published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Soft Matter. Significant Applications This unique material is expected to have significant application for soft robots that morph into different shapes.  Also for medical devices that take preprogrammed shape at body temperature.  For more news stories on innovation go to

Quantum Security - Counterfeiters Beware

Nanoscale Fingerprints Identify Counterfeiting Counterfeiting is one of the world's biggest scams.  Fakes, forgeries and knock-off imitations cost the global economy half a trillion dollars a year.  Emerging technology out of the UK could put a major dent into that and put phony products in full view. Quantum Security Scientists from Lancaster University in the UK are developing and patenting security solutions technology using quantum devices.  They're creating quantum security at the nanoscale level.  Literally, nanoscale fingerprints standing guard.  Quantum Base is a spin-out company from Lancaster University that is a driving force of the innovation. Ending Counterfeit Goods The new anti-counterfeiting method, developed by Lancaster University scientists uses 2 components.  There's a unique molecular pattern that can be put into a holographic label and picked up by a corresponding smartphone app.  Bottom-line: it alerts if the product is a counterfeit. It ap