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Tesla-Elon Musk Vision for E-Van

  Tesla Electric Van For People & Cargo                                    Source:  Teslarati Ideas for E-Van A Van With Solar Canopies In a series of ongoing Tweets, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is doing a big tease about a new futuristic vehicle to join the Tesla electric lineup.  Apparently, he is interested in creating an electric van, which Tesla currently does not offer, to transport people and cargo.  What he specifically has in mind is a "Robovan for people and cargo." If it's robo, that would make it an autonomous, self-driving, electric vehicle.  When Musk tweets, his more than 100 million followers listen.  He also has a $44 billion offer on the table to buy Twitter, which tonight Musk says could be in danger because of what he and his team consider a lack of transparent information on fake accounts on Twitter. Experts say Musk may find it legally difficult to back out of the Twitter buyout deal. UPDATE: he just backed out of the deal at around 6:30 PM EST on 7/8/2

Hyundai's New EV Ioniq 6 is a Looker

  EV That's Being Called a "Knockout"                                                    Source:  Hyundai What Looks Like Hyundai's Newest Electric Winner Hyundai is on a roll right now.   Thanks to the Ioniq 5 SUV EV and the Kia EV 6 crossover (Hyundai owns Kia), Hyundai is now the 2nd biggest seller of EVs in the US.  Now, the South Korea based automotive giant  has just unveiled its new EV Ioniq 6 to rave reviews. One automotive expert called the upcoming 2024 Ioniq a "knockout".  The EV sedan debuts after Hyundai's wildly successful Ioniq 5, which is one of the brand's top new EVs.  The Ioniq 6 has very smooth lines and is sculptured for aerodynamic driving.  The design is being called the perfect combination of future and retro.  The curvaceous roof, shoulder and window lines taper into the vehicle's tail. It is reminiscent of the aerodynamic automotive styling of the 1920's and 1930's but with smooth, futuristic lines and details. 

Owner of JaguarLandRover - Tata's New EV

  New EV SUV That Can Power Other EVs                                                    Source:  Tata Motors From India, An EV that Uses "Digital Design Language" India-based Tata Motors, which owns Jaguar and Land Rover, is debuting a new, all electric SUV concept - the CURVV.  Both the design and the technology in the EV are breakthrough.  CURVV is capable of charging other electric vehicles.  It can also power electronic devices like laptops, cellphones and electrical appliances with a 3-pin socket.  Initial models of CURVV will be rolled out by the global automaker as a front wheel drive vehicle.  But the company says that if the demand for CURVV is strong enough, it will also be offered as an all-wheel drive vehicle.  The range on a charge for CURVV is an impressive 500 km or 311 miles. Design Features Tata uses, what it calls, new "digital design language" to imbue CURVV with features like a full-length LED light bar across the front of the car, digital scree

Ola Electric Scooters Developing E-Car

  Ola's Very Popular Lineup of Electric Scooters                                                  Source:  Ola Electric Company Now Designing an Electric Car India based Ola Electric Mobility is a very popular maker of two-wheeled electric scooters.  The company is now expanding its innovative portfolio to include electric cars.  The electric concept car is sleek, smoothly designed and a hatchback that sports a lot of glass.  The startup company, with financial backing from Japan's Softbank Group, says it will launch the electric car in 2023.  The company's goal is to make itself and India a global epicenter for electric vehicles. Hyperchargers and Electrifying Scooters Ola is currently installing 4,000 charging stations with hyperchargers throughout India for its e-scooters and new e-car. Ola says it can provide 50% of a 100% charge in 18 minutes. Concerning the e-scooters there are two models: the Ola S1 and more powerful Ola S1 Pro. The Ola S1 is powered by a 2.98 kWh ba

Mercedes Top Efficiency EV EQXX

  Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept Source: Mercedes EQXX Teasers New Top Efficiency EV to be Unveiled in 2022 Mercedes Benz says it has developed its most efficient electric vehicle yet in its Vision EQXX concept. The new Electric Vehicle (EV) is a coupe-like sedan that gets 621 miles on a charge.  The vehicle is so efficient that at highway speeds it consumes just one kWh of energy every 62 miles that it is driven.  The range on the EQXX is about 100 miles longer than that of the previous record holder.  The Lucid Air Dream EV gets 520 miles on a charge. Mercedes Targets Efficiency Mercedes deployed a cross-company, interdisciplinary team to develop the EQXX.  MB's Formula One powertrain division was part of the effort.  The Stuttgart, Germany luxury automaker is targeting longer range and greater efficiency in its new EVs, starting with the EQS sedan which uses battery cells from China's CATL.  The new EQS gets 350 miles in range on a charge.  Mercedes says the Vision EQXX has ba

Germany's Hot Solar EV Sion from Sono Motors

Solar Electric Car Company Goes Public & Hits Near $40 per Share                                                                                Sono Motors Sion Hot New Solar Electric Automotive Technology Germany's Sono Group, parent of Sono Motors - the solar electric car company - went public on the Nasdaq on November 17, 2021 for an initial price of $15 per share, soared to $38.74 and closed on Friday at $31.73 per share.  The company has a hot electric car - the Sion - and hot solar body panel technology.  Sono has 16,000 pre-orders of the Sion, which is the company's first solar electric vehicle.  The down-payments were $3,000 each.  The car is priced at $28,700 and will be delivered to consumers in the first half of 2023.  90% of the orders were placed in Germany or German speaking nations.  The company is also licensing its solar technology to other companies.  The first buyer is electric autonomous shuttle company EasyMile. Entreneurial Success Story of Breakthroug