Tesla-Elon Musk Vision for E-Van

 Tesla Electric Van For People & Cargo

                            Source:  Teslarati Ideas for E-Van

A Van With Solar Canopies

In a series of ongoing Tweets, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is doing a big tease about a new futuristic vehicle to join the Tesla electric lineup.  Apparently, he is interested in creating an electric van, which Tesla currently does not offer, to transport people and cargo.  What he specifically has in mind is a "Robovan for people and cargo." If it's robo, that would make it an autonomous, self-driving, electric vehicle.  When Musk tweets, his more than 100 million followers listen.  He also has a $44 billion offer on the table to buy Twitter, which tonight Musk says could be in danger because of what he and his team consider a lack of transparent information on fake accounts on Twitter. Experts say Musk may find it legally difficult to back out of the Twitter buyout deal. UPDATE: he just backed out of the deal at around 6:30 PM EST on 7/8/22.  No matter what, he's tweeting on Twitter about a possible new vehicle - the electric van.

What Does Musk Have Up His Sleeve?

According to his Tweets, solar power would be part of the vehicle.  He envisions a solar power canopy that would extend across the roof and both sides of the van, triple the roof size and significantly supplement the van's electrical power source with solar energy.  He wants the canopy high enough to allow passengers to stand or sit under it for shade when the vehicle is parked. 

Tesla's Very Busy Agenda

Tesla hasn't launched a new vehicle in a while.  If Tesla and Musk launch the van, it would be part of a big, emerging new lineup.  The long anticipated Cybertruck pickup truck will go into production in 2023 as will the new Roadster and the Tesla Semi truck.  In 2022, Musk wants to significantly increase production of the very popular Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV.  And Tesla will unveil a robotaxi with no pedals and no steering wheel in 2024.  Musk has a lot on his plate but seems quite enamored of his electric van ideas.  For more news like this, New Travel Vehicles Illustrated


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