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Mercedes Pushes Limits of Range & Efficiency

  Mercedes' Vision EQXX Prototype                                                                      Source: Mercedes Benz Electric Car With Maximum Range and Efficiency Mercedes Benz has a highly advanced technology experimental platform on wheels.  It's called the Vision EQXX prototype and MB technologists have been developing it and experimenting with it for a year and a half on the roads of Germany.  The EV just set another record for maximum range and efficiency, clocking 747 miles on a single charge. The electric sedan is being called the world's most efficient, innovative and technologically advanced EV, which is exactly what Mercedes' engineers were tasked to create.  No telling if or when it will go into production.  But experts say we will see much of its notable technology breakthroughs going into future Mercedes Benz vehicles. Shaped Like a Teardrop The Vision is a 4-passenger, road legal sedan that is shaped like a teardrop with the back narrower than the