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New Travel Vehicles Illustrated by Edward Kane

  New Book on Travel Vehicles on Amazon                                  Source:  Amazon  ASIN: B0B5PLRDRZ Resource on Top, New Travel Vehicle Concepts of Recent Months If you are interested in the top new concept cars, planes and bikes, plus prototype vehicles, now under development globally, take a look at "New Travel Vehicles Illustrated". It's a series of news briefs and great pictures of the top new vehicles, written by journalists Edward Kane and Maryanne Kane.  For a free sample look,  New Travel Vehicles Illustrated    In e-book, paperback & hardback editions. 

Ford Re-imagines the Car

  Ford Accelerates Car Redesign                                            Source:  Ford Concept Cars Big Changes from Electrification Ford has a big pipeline of fascinating new car concepts and that pipeline is about to get a lot bigger.  The company and its Chief of Design Anthony Lo call the age of car electrification a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-imagine the car, both from an interior and exterior perspective.  Ford is welcoming with open arms new car concepts that break the mold and incorporate bold new ideas and technologies while staying true to the essence of the brand.  Lo told Automotive News Europe that he considers current car design as a blank slate. Why A Blank Slate? There is a good reason for car design suddenly becoming a "blank slate".  It is the megatrend of electrifying cars.  Electric car motors are significantly smaller than combustion engines.  The battery pack and electric motors take up significantly less space which opens up new design possi

Spectacular Hydrogen Supercar Concept

  Alpine & IED's New Hydrogen Powered Supercar                                             Source:  Alpine & IED The A-4810  France-based, Renault-owned Alpine, which is a renowned race and sports car maker, has unveiled a hydrogen powered concept car that may be the top car concept of the decade.  Alpine's Design Studio created the hydrogen, electric vehicle with 28 graduate students from the Turin, Italy-based Instituto Europeo di Design (IED), which is one of the top automotive design universities in the world.  The new concept vehicle is called A4810 and it represents their vision of the future for an Alpine supercar in 2035.  It is a spectacular vision of the future of driving a sleek, stylish, sophisticated, fully loaded vehicle with cutting-edge technologies, including a hydrogen powertrain. The vehicle's hydrogen power systems emit zero emissions.   The design team says the hydrogen car "represents the extreme sportiness of the future" that is more

Mercedes' Micro Camper/Motor Home

  Citan is a Surprising New Micro Van/Motor Home by Mercedes                              Source:  Mercedes-Benz Citan From Mercedes, A New Travel & Leisure Concept A surprise from Mercedes-Benz: a new cutting edge travel and leisure concept vehicle.  It's called the Citan and it's a micro camper that is just shy of 15 feet long but is loaded with top of the line features to make the off-road trips just a bit more luxurious.  Why would Mercedes be interested in pursuing a business line in mini campers and motor homes?.  They believe it is a valuable new business line of growth, given the pandemic and the desire by consumers to travel less into hotels and on airplanes and explore more unpopulated off-road spaces. Citan The new Citan is a mini motor home that's a concept vehicle and built for flexibility.  It has two innovative furniture modules created with camping expert Van Essa.  The modules can be installed as needed for cooking or sleeping spaces and then removed an

Best Futuristic Travel Vehicles by Edward Kane

  Futuristic  Cars, Planes, Boats & Other Travel Concepts Under Development                                                          Source:  Amazon  ASIN : B095XDNZVD Travel into the Future Journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Best Futuristic Travel Vehicles", now available on Amazon and Kindle, showcases the best in emerging cars, planes, boats and other travel vehicle concepts for your ride into the future. To take a look inside, go to    I co-authored the book with Ed.