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Toyota's 2 New Powerful Corollas

  Street Ready, 300 HP GR Corolla Circuit                                                       Source:  Toyota Race Ready, 300 HP Corolla Rally Concept Toyota has introduced two, new powerful Corollas: the street ready GR Corolla Circuit and the track ready GR Corolla Rally.  Both are getting rave reviews for their looks, speed and power.  The new GR Circuit, which is going into production for consumer sales, is being called by automotive experts an "absolute beauty".  It's not your ordinary Corolla.  It has significant power and speed.  The race car concept, HR Rally, is based on the Circuit but has gotten a beefy makeover by Toyota's race car team, for the racetrack.  Toyota executives say the Rally demonstrates the Circuit's potential for further customization. Both vehicles are enjoying a great deal of interest in the automotive world. GR Corolla Circuit Tech Specs The Circuit is powered by a 1.6-liter, turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that is also used in the

Jeep's Off-Roader Concept Bob is Awesome

  Bob Has Off-Road Power and Looks                                             Source:  Jeep's Bob Jeep Bob Concept At its 2022 Jeep Easter Safari event, Jeep introduced a concept, off-road vehicle that has power and off-roading good looks .  They call it the Jeep Bob Concept or Bob for short.  The vehicle is diesel powered and is said to be able to climb just about any incline or rock challenge in the off-road environment.  Using the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon as a base, Jeep designers cut off a foot in length, removed the doors and added a canvas roof over the top of the protective roll cage to maximize the vehicle performance off-road.  They positioned the vehicle on a set of 40-inch off-roading tires, gave it a 3-inch lift, steel bumpers, a vented carbon hood, big LED fog lights and a great paint job.  This vehicle is winning great automotive reviews for its looks, power and ruggedness, even though it is not electric. Tech Specs Bob is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged Eco-Diesel

Ford's 2023 Ranger Raptor Pickup - Hot

  Coming to US & Europe :   2023 Ford Ranger Raptor                                                  Source:  Ford Mid-Sized Off-Roading Truck with 392 hp & Heft The 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor with 392 hp is coming to the US and going on sale in 2023.  It will also be launched in Europe with 284 hp in late 2022. The US version will likely have some additional adaptations over the global version. The Ranger Raptor has a powertrain similar to that of the Branco Raptor.  The US model will have a twin turbo 3.0 liter EcoBoost V6 engine that will deliver 392 hp and 430 pound-feet of torque. The European version has been tuned to deliver 284 hp and 362 pound-feet of torque. More Tech Specs Both the US and the European twin turbo engine versions are coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission.  There are 33" BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tires.  The vehicle has seven different drive modes, a new suspension system with Fox 2.5-inch live valve internal bypass shock absorbers and an e

New Car Drives on 3 Wheels

  Daymak Spiritus EV                                                                                     Source:  Daymak Unique, New Form of Travel  Toronto, Canada-based, electric vehicle developer Daymak has invented "the world's fastest three-wheeled electric car".  It's called the Daymak Spiritus and it introduces a new, three wheeled dimension to car travel.  Spiritus is a two-seater and it's the first EV in a lineup of six, highly innovative electric vehicles that Daymak will be rolling out.  The EVs include: Skirider - flying, high performance EV Aspero - enclosed, electric All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) Terra electric bike Foras - covered, recumbent electric bike Tectus - All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) electric scooter. The new Spiritus is being offered as two, distinct performance level models.  The Spiritus Ultimate contains highly advanced EV technologies and has a top speed of 130 mph.  The Spiritus Deluxe is much less expensive and can reach speeds of 85 mph. Tech

LG's Vision OMNIPOD Self-Driving Vehicle

  Lifestyle on Autonomous Wheels                                                       Source:  LG Fascinating Future of Travel South Korea based electronics giant LG unveiled one of the most fascinating and avant-garde travel vehicle concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas.  Called the Vision OMNIPOD, the concept offers an intriguing perspective on the future of travel.  It's an autonomous travel vehicle designed for entertainment and lifestyle and showcases the most advanced technologies.  The modular vehicle  contains modular household appliances that can be put into use as you drive along autonomously. Uniquely, it contains a digital avatar called Reah that serves as your artificial intelligence (AI) guide and  personal assistant as you travel. Reah can also respond to various cabin themes from gaming to working.  LG calls Vision OMNIPOD a mobile, futuristic cabin concept that can reconstruct the customer's space for specific needs. Rolling Showcas

Mercedes New, Compact e-SUVs

  New, All Wheel Drive Versions of All Electric EQA                                                        Source:  Mercedes Mercedes Very Popular, All Electric Compact SUV Mercedes has launched two new all-wheel-drive versions of the EQA crossover.  The small, all-electric EQA 250 launched to great reviews in January and has wracked up 20,000 customer orders.  But it was only available with a single, front wheel drive, 140 kW drivetrain.  Now, all-wheel-drive versions of the EQA can be ordered.  Mercedes just announced the new all-wheel-drive versions.  Tech Specs The two, new all-wheel-drive versions are the EQA 300 4MATIC with 168 kW and the EQA 350 4MATIC with 215 kW.  The range on the EQA 250 is 306 miles, EQA 300 is 265 miles and the EQA 350 is 268 m.  The front wheel drive EQA 250 has a single 140 electric motor.  The two all-wheel-drive versions have an additional small rear motor.  Mercedes says the vehicles have "high power density, high efficiency and high power consist