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Alpina B8 Gran Coupe & BMW

  Powerful Luxury Version of BMW 8-Series                                        Source:  BMW - Alpina B8 BMW & Alpina's Unique Partnership BMW and Alpina have just unveiled a powerful and luxurious new sedan, the Alpina B8 Gran Coupe.  The B8 Gran Coupe is Alpina's version of the BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe.  Germany-based Alpina is a separate company but it is BMW's luxury and performance automobile craftsman.  Alpina develops high performance versions of BMWs.  The company builds engines and parts and customizes luxury interiors by hand.  BMW does the final assembly of the souped-up BMW's.  So, the two companies just unveiled the powerful, luxurious and very expensive new B8 Gran Coupe to some great automotive reviews. Power Performance and Elegant Luxury The Alpina B8 is the most expensive entry in the new BMW 8-Series lineup.  Experts say it combines many of the 8-Series lineup's best qualities into a classic, luxury and powerful performance car.  Almost everyt