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Israel's Robot You Dont Want to Mess With

Robotic Force Lethal and Non-Lethal General Robotics of Israel is launching a "less lethal" weapons module attached to their warrior robot DOGO.  It allows intervention forces to remotely neutralize a threat without collateral damage to bystanders, buildings and also reducing the risk of killing the predator, so that they can be interrogated later.  With the push of a button, the human operator of DOGO can select an accurate lethal or less than lethal weapon for deployment on the robot. Awesome Array of High Tech Crime Fighting Tech DOGO is remotely controlled.  It's a 22 pd., ultra lite, hand-held anti-terrorism robot.  General Robotics says it's good for a variety of missions:  hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, close quarters combat, urban warfare, target detection, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) and subterranean warfare. Mace Onboard, Dazing Lights, & ID Dye It includes a remote controlled Pepper Spray module.  Also invisable, ultr