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Adidas: Ocean Plastic Waste Shoes, Fabrics

Adidas Going Very Blue and Green Source:  Adidas Ocean Waste Commitment Two New Fabrics 100% Recycled German based sports gear giant Adidas is going very green and blue.  It just introduced two new fabrics:  Primeblue and Primegreen.  Both are composed of 100% recycled polyester.  Primeblue contains Parley Ocean Plastic, which is a fabric made from recycled ocean plastic waste.  Adidas will unveil some new products made of Primeblue during the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday.  Primegreen, which contains only recycled plastic and recycled polyester, will introduce new products later this year. Adidas has showcased some running shoes made of recycled ocean plastics.  Today it greatly widened its environmental commitment. Very Specific Environmental Goals For 2020, Adidas has committed to having 50% of the polyester it uses in products recycled polyester.  By 2024, it will use only recycled polyester.  And, it commits to cutting its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 and to b