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Pilotless Planes - New Tech for Planes

  Future of Flying: Planes Without Pilots                                                                         Source:  Reliable Robotics Reliable Robotics of California Bay Area startup Reliable Robotics is developing and flying in remote California autonomous planes.  The planes fly autonomously but are backed up and monitored by an onboard pilot who can take over in the event of an emergency and by remote operator who also can take over piloting the plane if need be.  Reliable Robotics isn't building new planes.  They're retrofitting Cessna's to operate and fly autonomously.  And while these planes continue to be upgraded and are under development, they are successfully test flying and not just on a drawing board. New Aviation Technology Reliable Robotics was founded by Robert Rose, an autonomous technology expert, who for years developed autonomous cars for Tesla and autonomous spacecraft for SpaceX.  He found out that to make the planes autonomous, he had to reinven