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Better than Styrofoam & E-Friendly

Alternative Foam that's Biodegradable & Plant-Based Source:  Washington State University New Foam Lightweight, Clean, Green Insulation This biodegradable alternative foam to Styrofoam is more effective and can support up to 200 times its weight.  It provides good insulation but is still lightweight.  It's the innovation of engineers at Washington State University.  The new material is made primarily of cellulose, the most abundant plant material on earth.  The researchers also have developed an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that uses water as the solvent, rather than harmful solvents. Wood is the Base The base of the new foam is wood pulp.  Researchers used acid hydrolysis to break the cellulose bonds in the wood and convert them into nanocrystals.  They added polyvinyl alcohol to the crystals to create the foam that provides good insulation that's light and strong.  It's an e-friendly alternative to petroleum based Styrofoam that's p

Impossible Burger, Very Possible Money

$750 million in Funding Meatless Burger Sensation Impossible Burger was one of the big hits at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.  In fact, the meatless, plant-based burger was a star of the show with the public and journalists.  They loved the taste. Impossible Foods Today, the company behind it Impossible Foods announced that it raised $300 million from investors in its latest round of funding.  That brings the grand total to $750 million, leading up to a possible initial public offering. Stanford University Entrepreneur The company was founded by a Stanford University Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, Pat O'Reilly Brown.  His product at the CES 2019 received rave reviews on taste, texture and appearance.  Impossible Burger is already sold in 7,000 restaurants worldwide, including at Disney Theme Parks.  Burger King is launching the Impossible Whopper with the Impossible meatless patties in a nationwide rollout at all of its US stores this year. $6 Billion Global