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New, Plant-Based, Collapsible e-Bike

  Hummingbird's FLAX e-Bike                                                                                                       Source:  Hummingbird Very Green, Fun, Plant-Based e-Biking UK-based bike manufacturer Hummingbird has launched a new electric, battery powered e-bike called Flax.  At 22 pounds, the folding, 2-wheeler may be the lightest e-bike in the world.  The uniquely designed frame is made from flax plant fibers, which are lightweight, strong and resilient. Using plant-based fibers is a growing megatrend in the automotive industry. Building a lightweight e-bike is not an easy task. In fact, it's a major breakthrough because battery packs and electric motors are heavy. For those who have to lug their bikes up and down stairs, a lightweight e-bike is particularly appreciated.  Flax is a unique, plant-based, green, new form of travel that is low on poundage and power use. Breakthrough Technology Hummingbird says that the flax frame is as strong as its heavier and l