New, Plant-Based, Collapsible e-Bike

 Hummingbird's FLAX e-Bike



                       Source:  Hummingbird

Very Green, Fun, Plant-Based e-Biking

UK-based bike manufacturer Hummingbird has launched a new electric, battery powered e-bike called Flax.  At 22 pounds, the folding, 2-wheeler may be the lightest e-bike in the world.  The uniquely designed frame is made from flax plant fibers, which are lightweight, strong and resilient. Using plant-based fibers is a growing megatrend in the automotive industry. Building a lightweight e-bike is not an easy task. In fact, it's a major breakthrough because battery packs and electric motors are heavy. For those who have to lug their bikes up and down stairs, a lightweight e-bike is particularly appreciated.  Flax is a unique, plant-based, green, new form of travel that is low on poundage and power use.

Breakthrough Technology

Hummingbird says that the flax frame is as strong as its heavier and less environmentally friendly metal and carbon fiber competitors.  The frame is totally biodegradable, when the life cycle of the bike is over.  The e-bike has a 250W motor and a 158 Wh built-in battery. The motor case includes the batteries, controller and necessary hardware. The case is positioned in the rear wheel which puts the weight on the back of the bike and gives it a super-slim line. It gets 31 miles on a charge.  The bike can be folded up in 5 seconds for storage or carrying.  It also has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.  Flax just hit the market at a price of $5,900. It's a new way to enjoy the ride on a plant-based bike that causes no harm to the environment.  Pretty cool biking!! For more news stories like this, Daily Vehicle Briefing


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