Honda & Acura's 1st E-SUV

 Acura's New Precision EV Concept


                                        Source:  Acura

E-SUV Will Hit Global Markets in 2024

Honda's Acura luxury car division unveiled a stunning Precision electric vehicle concept at the Monterey Car Week this week.  It's called The Prologue and it is Honda's first electric SUV.  The very sleek and stylish electric SUV is inspired by Italian power boats and Formula 1 racing cars.  For Acura, the vehicle's very aerodynamic design language points to a future of electrified vehicles "with distinct manual and full driving automation experiences." It is a look at Acura's electric future. The EV is scheduled to hit global markets in 2024. The first model will be the 2024 ZDX SUV, which will closely reflect The Prologue in style and design.

What We Know

Acura says the EV's architecture is all about aerodynamic performance. The vehicle has a low-slung, wide design with frameless windows that wrap around the SUV.  The front of the car contains a light show that fully lights up the car's front. The vehicle has hefty, 23-inch wheels.  It will be offered in two driving modes.  The Instinctive Drive option is for high performance driving and contains racing-style digital instrumentation.  The Spiritual Lounge mode is designed for autonomous driving and has a retractable steering wheel, soft lighting & scents and a water-like soothing atmosphere for a laid-back driving experience.  

Interior Details & Next Steps

The interior of the vehicle is inspired by F1 cockpits.  It is made of sustainable, recycled materials.  Across the dash is a wide, curved, transparent infotainment display with haptic feedback.  The EV will be built in partnership with GM on GM's Ultium battery technology platform.  This is part of Honda's partnership with GM.  Both Honda and Acura want their lineups to be fully electric by 2040.  For more news stories like this, New Breakthrough Cars, Planes, Bikes, Boats


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