Chrysler, Sleek, Hitech EV Airflow

 Stellantis' Chrysler Embarks on Electrification

                                        Source:  Chrysler

Reinvention of a Storied Brand

At the New York International Auto Show, Chrysler unveiled a super sleek, midsize, electric SUV crossover, called the Airflow.  It is a showcase for the advanced technologies and sleek, sculptured styling that future electric Chryslers will contain.  This new concept has power, looks and impressive performance.  It's the first of three electric vehicles that Chrysler will roll out between 2025 and 2028 as it attempts to reinvigorate its brand.  Parent company Stellantis wants the new Chrysler to stand for advanced technologies and highly desirable, family-oriented vehicles.

Tech Specs

The Airflow has a lot of power.  Built on Stellantis' STLA Large EV architecture, the Airflow concept has a 118-kWh battery pack with a guaranteed 400 miles range on a charge.  Stellantis says the range may actually end-up being 500 miles.  The entry model is expected to have a single electric motor.  The all-wheel drive model will have an optional dual-electric-motor set-up with 150 KW electric motors at the front and rear of the vehicle.

More Details

A lot of advanced technology will go into the Airflow, including groundbreaking AI and digital technologies to enable a more intelligent driving experience. Incredibly, each seat has a built-in camera for video conference calls. The EV will have Level 3 Autonomous driving.  It will be equipped with the new STLA Brain technology for cloud computing and STLA Smart Cockpit computers, displays and hardware. Smart Cockpit uses AI based applications to integrate the driver/passengers' digital home and work environments. It also delivers voice controls, digital personal assistance, navigation, e-commerce and more.  Over the air interfaces let the passengers add new features.   The expected price starts at $50,000 and the vehicle will go on the market in 2025.  At the moment, Chrysler has only two vehicle models.  It hopes to transition to an all-electric brand in 2028.  The original Chrysler Airflow was a full-sized sedan produced by Chrysler from 1934-1937.  


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