From UK, New Innovative eVTOL - Axe

 SkyFly's Brand New Way to Fly in an Innovative Aircraft

                                        Source:  SkyFly

2-Seat Personal Electric Aircraft You Can Assemble 

London-based aviation company SkyFly has invented a 2-seat personal aircraft that is an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicle, or eVTOL. Called Axe, it can also do conventional, short distance takeoffs and landings.  The company just announced that it can be pre-ordered for delivery in 2024 and you can go with a kit to assemble it yourself.  Axe is impressive.  It has a winged airframe, a range of 100 to 200 miles and top cruising speeds of 100 mph.  Imagine soaring above traffic jams at that speed!  The electric aircraft is quiet and so compact it can be stored in your driveway.

New, Unique Technologies

Unlike the flying cars Jetson One and Ryse Recon, Axe is not a multicopter.  It's an innovative, two fixed-wings aircraft.  The wings are unusual in that they are pitched upwards.  This is very different from a conventional aircraft because Axe is not a conventional aircraft.  It takes off vertically, getting lift from 4, large propeller engines.  It flies like a drone and tilts forward to accelerate horizontal speed. Once wing lift is achieved, the plane tilts forward and the wings are level with the plane as you fly.

Lots of Safety Features

This new eVTOL has plenty of safety features.  The 4 props have two, 35kW motors powering each prop to provide redundancy in the event of a failure.  The flight control system has triple redundancy and there are two separate battery packs.  Also, the wings have control surfaces that allows the pilot to take it down for a conventional landing. It has a 3-wheled landing gear and it can also perform a conventional takeoff with just 164 feet of runway, in order to save battery power.  Incredibly you can build this aircraft yourself if you dare.  In the UK, Axe can be registered as a kit-built, experimental aircraft or very light aircraft.  Once it gets authorization from the UK's Civil Aviation Authority for recreational use, it will be able to operate in most European countries. The cost is $180,000 for your own personal flying machine that has the capacity to take along a passenger for an epic ride.  SkyFly says it is targeting experienced pilots for sales. For more news stories like this, The Future of Flying


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