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From UK, New Innovative eVTOL - Axe

 SkyFly's  Brand New Way to Fly in an Innovative Aircraft                                                  Source:  SkyFly 2-Seat Personal Electric Aircraft You Can Assemble  London-based aviation company SkyFly has invented a 2-seat personal aircraft that is an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicle, or eVTOL. Called Axe, it can also do conventional, short distance takeoffs and landings.  The company just announced that it can be pre-ordered for delivery in 2024 and you can go with a kit to assemble it yourself.  Axe is impressive.  It has a winged airframe, a range of 100 to 200 miles and top cruising speeds of 100 mph.  Imagine soaring above traffic jams at that speed!  The electric aircraft is quiet and so compact it can be stored in your driveway. New, Unique Technologies Unlike the flying cars Jetson One and Ryse Recon, Axe is not a multicopter.  It's an innovative, two fixed-wings aircraft.  The wings are unusual in that they are pitched upwards.  This is very dif

Important Innovations Collection: Shape Changing Material

New Metamaterials that Change Shape in 4D May Redefine Robots, Aircraft, Medical Devices Rutgers University Breakthrough Materials Science Scientists at Rutgers University have invented new metamaterials that don't exist in nature.  The 4D printed materials are lightweight, flexible and can shift their shape and structure in response to temperature. The 4th dimension is time.  Experts think this may enable new generations of aircraft, soft robots and small medical devices.  For a great news blog with  more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Shape Changing Material : 4D Printed Metamaterial Changes Shape When Heated Source:  Rutgers University The 4th Dimension is Time - Breakthrough Materials Scie...