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Fast, Easy EV Re-Charges

  Super-Fast New, Recharging Technologies                                Source: Lucid & Zerova Technologies EV Maker Lucid & Zerova Technologies' New Charging Systems The magic bullet needed for EVs to take-off exponentially around the world is super-fast and super-convenient recharging.  Several new, breakthrough recharging systems have just been announced that take us closer to that destination.  Taiwan-based Zerova Technologies just introduced its Four Gun Charger that can provide 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.  And California-based EV maker Lucid has introduced its first, at home Charge Station that can fully recharge a Lucid EV in half the time most other systems take. Zerova's Technologies At the eMove 360 Show in Berlin, Zerova unveiled its 480-kW charger called Four Gun Charger.  It can zap out 100 miles of range to an EV in 10 minutes or 50 miles in 5 minutes.  It can also charge 4 vehicles simultaneously from a single unit.  The charger is designed for bot