Fast, Easy EV Re-Charges

 Super-Fast New, Recharging Technologies

                         Source: Lucid & Zerova Technologies

EV Maker Lucid & Zerova Technologies' New Charging Systems

The magic bullet needed for EVs to take-off exponentially around the world is super-fast and super-convenient recharging.  Several new, breakthrough recharging systems have just been announced that take us closer to that destination.  Taiwan-based Zerova Technologies just introduced its Four Gun Charger that can provide 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.  And California-based EV maker Lucid has introduced its first, at home Charge Station that can fully recharge a Lucid EV in half the time most other systems take.

Zerova's Technologies

At the eMove 360 Show in Berlin, Zerova unveiled its 480-kW charger called Four Gun Charger.  It can zap out 100 miles of range to an EV in 10 minutes or 50 miles in 5 minutes.  It can also charge 4 vehicles simultaneously from a single unit.  The charger is designed for both passenger cars and commercial fleets.  It is compact and packs a seriously powerful charging punch and looks like a recharge breakthrough on the market.

Lucid's At Home Charging Station

Meanwhile, EV maker Lucid has introduced a new charger to keep an EV fully charged at home.  Called the Connected Home Charging Station, it has a peak output of 19.2 kW of electric power and cuts the time needed for an EV recharge at home in half on Lucid vehicles.  It provides 80 miles of range per hour of charging. The system can be set-up and wall-mounted in a garage or in a driveway. It is said to outperform any current at home charging device.  It also offers bi-directional charging which is very useful during a power outage.  It's priced at $1,200 which is less than a number of other popular systems by more than $100.

Magic Bullet of Fast Recharging

A number of fast charging solutions for EVs are starting to hit the market like Lucid and Zerova recharging systems.  For instance, Switzerland's ABB has a four-vehicle charger called Terra 360 that claims to provide a full recharge in 15 minutes.  ABB is building a network of 200 chargers for EVs in Germany.  These charging technologies target making an EV recharge as quick and easy as a gas refill.  For more news stories like this, Future Travel Vehicles


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