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World's 1st AI, Bionic RoboCat MarsCat

  Very Smart, AI Enabled, Companion Robot Cat for the Home                                        Source:  Elephant Robotics MarsCat is Fully Autonomous & Just Like a Cat The world's first bionic, AI enabled cat - MarsCat - has been developed by Shenzhen, China based Elephant Robotics.  The MarsCat has been specifically designed to bring joy, companionship and fun interaction particularly for kids and seniors.  MarsCat's functionality includes walking, sitting, stretching and meowing.  It is fully autonomous, fully responsive and has cat-like emotional responses.  The company says that no instructions are needed to control its movements. Very advanced AI (artificial intelligence) enables the little robot to understand and respond to human commands and interactions.  MarsCat is now under mass production for global sales. MarsCat's Level of Understanding Elephant Robotics says the little robot hears your voice, can feel your touch, sees your face and can play with toys.