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New China Robot Catches Space Debris

  New Robot Capable of Catching "A Speeding Bullet" in Space                                  Source:  Space Junk Stock Image                                                            Source:  Origin Space's NEO-1 Leading to New Technologies For Mining Asteroids There are more than 500,000 pieces of space debris hurtling through space.  They all travel at 17,500 mph and even a small piece can damage or destroy a satellite or spacecraft.  Now, a China space mining company Origin Space has launched a robot prototype that is capable of catching space debris with a large net.  The technology is the equivalent of catching a speeding bullet.  The 30 kg robot is called NEO-1.  Origin Space says the robot is also designed to lead the way for the development of future asteroid mining technologies.  NEO-1's current mission also includes searching deep space for small celestial objects. Collecting Space Junk NEO-1 will use a large net to capture space junk and then burn the deb