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Porsche & Electric Supercars

  Rimac Concept 2                                                  Source:  Rimac All Electric, Semi-Autonomous Hypercars Germany based luxury car maker Porsche is betting big money on and has big plans for Croatian supercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili.  Rimac is known for its Concept 2, a fully electric, semi-autonomous supercar sportscar that can hit speeds of 258 mph.  The EV runs on four electric engines and according to Rimac "is alive with technology". Financing Round Porsche is participating in a funding round in which Rimac will raise between $157 million and $181 million.  Porsche already owns a 15.5% stake in Rimac.  Porsche is considering raising its stake in the electric supercar maker to just under 50%.  Intense negotiations are currently underway between Rimac and Porsche.  The deal would include the transfer of Porsche's supercar line Bugatti to Rimac.  Porsche CEO Oliver Blume feels the two are a great technological and automotive innovation fit. Rimac I