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Elon Musk Expanding Starlink Internet Services

  Starlink Links to Moving Planes, Ships, Semi-Trucks and RV's                                                                                Source:  SpaceX New, Space Based Broadband Connectivity SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to deploy his Starlink satellite constellation to provide internet connectivity to moving aircraft, ships at sea, semi-trucks and RVs on the road through his satellite based internet network.  SpaceX is currently working on an antenna that would provide vehicles the connectivity to pull in the internet while in motion. SpaceX Needs FCC Approval to Expand Services Musk says the service is not for Tesla cars because the user terminal is much to large for a car.  It is for large moving vehicles and vessels.  Musk is asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for authorization to deploy the antennas.  This is another example of Musk looking at the world and seizing upon another unmet need as a big business opportunity.  Starlink promises to provide inexpens

Drones at Sea

US Navy's Huge Drone Sea Hunter Source:  Office of Naval Research - The Sea Hunter The Drone Sea Hunter Ship The US Navy's Office of Naval Research is developing a huge drone ship.  It's called the Sea Hunter.  The prototype ship is undergoing sea trials.  It's a fully autonomous behemoth built to roam and surveil the 7 seas. No Humans Onboard The 140 ton drone ship has been built for the US Navy to autonomously track enemy submarines.  It also is being used to detect mines in the open ocean.  It can operate with no human intervention for up to 90 days.  Following more successful sea trials, it will be fully operational.