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Rolls-Royce, E-Plane Speed Record

  Spirit of Innovation E-Plane Hopes to Set World Speed Record                              Source:  Rolls-Royce Spirit of Innovation Zero Emissions, Fast Flying UK based Rolls-Royce is determined to manufacture and fly the world's fastest electric plane.  It plans to test fly its prototype "Spirit of Innovation" in the spring of 2021. The electric plane is a small, propeller test aircraft powered by a powerful battery pack.  Spirit of Innovation has recently been tested for taxi-ing and accelerating on a runway at a test site in the UK.  The plane propelled itself forward with power from its highly advanced battery and propulsion system that is said to be groundbreaking electrical technology. The battery pack consists of 6,000 cells.  Rolls-Royce says that is the most energy dense battery pack ever integrated into an aircraft. Tech Specs The e-plane has a 400 kW electric powertrain.  When combined with the battery system, it can hit speeds of 300 mph.  The current electr