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Your Supersonic Flight Arrives Shortly

  New Supersonic Aircraft Design                                             Source:  Boom Supersonics Flying Green at Supersonic Speeds Colorado-based Boom Supersonic is getting ready to offer a new, supersonic passenger aircraft called the Overture.  The company has unveiled a production ready version of the SST and has committed to having it fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), meaning it will fly eco-friendly green at supersonic speeds.  It promises flights from New York City to London in 3.5 hours as opposed to 5.5 hours or Seattle to Tokyo in 4.4 hours versus 8.3 hours now.  The Overture is a look at the exciting future of air travel at speeds capable of cutting travel times nearly in half. It's designed to comfortably carry 65 to 80 passengers in its spacious, large, windowed cabin. SST Design The new SST design looks amazingly like its predecessor, the Concorde that flew trans-Atlantic routes in the 1960's and 1970's.  Overture has huge gull wings, 4 engine

Sustainable Jet Fuel - United's Global Push

  Eco-Skies Global Alliance Source:  United Airlines Sustainable Jet Fuel From Trash Chicago headquartered, United Airlines is partnering with Nike, Siemens, Japan's Takeda Pharmaceuticals and 12 other global companies to fund the use, this year, of 3.4 million gallons of low carbon, sustainable jet fuel.  The green fuel will be created from trash.  Sustainable jet fuel can be at least 80% lower in greenhouse gas emissions than regular jet fuel. The global partnership is aimed at starting to reduce the airline industry's carbon/greenhouse gas emissions footprint. Tripling The Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Airlines have been using sustainable fuel since 2008 to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.  But, until now, sustainable fuels represent less than 1% of the aviation fuel used worldwide.  The new partnership will triple that amount each year.  United says the initiative gives customers a way to reduce the carbon impact of flying and it should significantly boost the market