Ford EV Pickup Powers Home & More

Ford F-150 Lightning Generator Powers a Home

                                    Source:  Ford

EV Electricity Gives Back to the Grid

Millions in the northeastern part of the US lost power for days in late October due to a severe "nor'easter" storm.  A year from now the no power nightmare could be reversed for some by EVs like the new F-150 Lightning that will hit the market in 2022.  The Lightning is capable of powering a home for 3 days.  The EV can act as a generator by using its battery to light up and heat the owner's home.  Other EVs like the Nissan Leaf have a similar capability.  And, VW and Hyundai are developing the same technology which is known as bidirectional charging.

Bidirectional Charging

With bidirectional charging, the EV battery can receive energy and also discharge it to supply power.  The battery is also capable of sending back power to the grid, which is known as V2G (vehicle to grid).  As the number of EVs on the road climbs, that will expand the electric supply going back to the grid on a daily basis.  Experts say that V2G has tremendous potential to expand the supply of electricity nationwide and in other parts of the world.  The International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) estimates that by 2050, 14 terawatt hours of EV batteries will be available to send electricity back to the grid.  That will be quite a future jolt to national grids here in the US and globally.  To take a look at many other new innovations, go to


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