Hydrogen Truck to Race in Dakar Rally Race

 France's H2 Race Truck by GAUSSIN to Prove H2 Capabilities


                                Source:  GAUSSIN

Off to the Hydrogen Races in Saudi Arabia

Developed in France, the GAUSSIN H2 Racing Truck will compete in the rigorous Dakar World Rally-Raid Championship racing event in Saudi Arabia in January 2022.  This will be a world first in racing and the H2 Racing Truck is the first vehicle in GUASSIN's lineup of zero emissions, 100% hydrogen, electric road trucks.  The truck was designed by the renowned Italian design studio Pininfarina.  It will race across the Saudi desert to demonstrate the capabilities of hydrogen electric vehicles operating in harsh and difficult conditions. The vehicle is the first hydrogen truck specifically designed to race in the Dakar Rally.

Tech Specs

The truck is built to withstand the extremely rugged conditions of racing in desert sands. The truck has an ultra-light chassis to house the hydrogen system.  The H2 Racing Truck has a range of 250 miles and can be refueled in 20 minutes.  It's powered by two electric motors with 402 horsepower each.  The hydrogen fuel cell battery can generate 510 horsepower and can carry 86 kg of fuel. During the race, speeds will be limited to 87 mph.  The truck will also be equipped with an additional 82 kWh battery for the race.

Data on Performance

The GAUSSIN team developed the hydrogen truck over the past year.  Data from the truck's race performance will be used to further develop the company's new lineup of trucks, including autonomous trucks and trucks for construction, distribution and more.  The company expects to offer the trucks in 100% electric and 100% hydrogen fueled versions.  The development of green, zero emissions trucks like these is very important because of the immense quantities of carbon emissions from diesel fuel spewed from millions of trucks globally.


French based GUAASIN is a publicly traded company that is a leader in transport solutions.  It is now focusing on zero emissions and autonomous mobility solutions.  Its vehicles are available in both fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell versions. It has also developed, what it calls, the GAUSSIN Virtual Driver System, that it says is designed to make self-driving vehicles safer than when they are driven by human drivers.  To take a look at many more new transport innovations, go to https://www.importantinnovations.com/2021/11/toyotas-beyond-0-bz4x-ev.html


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